Saturday, January 16, 2010

Soulfire-A Book of Mormon Novel

By Betsy Love

"Waters of Mormon"
By Walter Rane
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In the City of Nephi, ruled by a drunken king, and lorded over by wicked high priests, who delight in lasciviousness, a young woman stands firm for all she knows is true. Zephenia vows she will not succumb to the temptations around her, or to the handsome high priest with his arrogant ways and lustful desires. After the martyrdom of Abinadi, the prophet, she will not abandon her belief in his teachings, nor deny her faith, even at the peril of her life.

Follow this remarkable young woman in her struggles to remain righteous as she confronts a multitude of trials--a proposition of marriage from a wealthy, but lustful landlord, terror at the hands of his evil henchmen, and the lewd advances of an enticing puppet master to King Noah. Join her as she rescues a Lamanite prince and his sister, which threatens the life of another believer, the one she might find happiness with.